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Welcome to our site, let us introduce ourselves. We are the Orchestranet Quartet, and we’re proud to be your first choice for your special event or wedding. As a group of highly talented musicians, we are here to provide a beautiful musical background to any occasion or high-quality musical entertainment to be the centrepiece of any event.

There are many types of entertainment you can plan for your wedding, depending on your budget, theme and preferences. You can hire a magician, or maybe a comedian, a caricaturist, a photo booth, a firework display, or even organize a themed bingo game to keep your guests amused and engaged. You can find more bingo ideas on some of the top-rated UK bingo sites out there. But whatever you do, there is nothing more important for setting the mood than music. With the right choice of the orchestra, you aren’t only guaranteed a wonderful ambience for your event, but you can perfectly set the scene for any special occasion.

how to choose the right orchestra

How to Choose A Wedding Orchestra for Your Event

It can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to hiring the right orchestra for your special event. Whether you are an experienced event planner or a complete newcomer to making arrangements, you may well not know what to look for when making a decision over the right group of performers for your occasion. Here, we look at what to consider when making a choice.

Why an Orchestra?

There are several options you can select from when choosing music for any type of event, however, none have quite the sense of occasion and grandeur as an orchestra. You can have all the music you desire in its true and glorious form, or on an even larger scale. An orchestra provides an enormous variety of sounds, and when they are found in combination, the atmosphere can be phenomenal. However, you need to get your choice right if you are to achieve the effect you desire.

why to choose orchestra for your event
different orchestra sizes

What Size Orchestra Do You Need?

There are several sizes of the orchestra. You can choose from a chamber orchestra of only a few musicians up to a full symphony orchestra with its entire range of instruments played by over 100 musicians.

How do you determine the correct size of the orchestra for your event? Here are some factors which will impact on your choice:

  • The available space at the venue
  • The type of music which you want your chosen orchestra to play
  • The budget you can afford
  • The scale of sound which you wish to create

In most cases, if you are planning a private event or wedding, you’ll find that a small chamber orchestra will be quite sufficient for your needs, fitting well into your budget while still providing a stunning sound that will give you the ambience you’ve been imagining.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire an Orchestra?

When hiring an orchestra, there are several costs to keep in mind when asking for a quote.

  • The fee per hour per musician
  • The conductor’s fee per hour
  • Any necessary hire of music
  • If you want a piece of music specially arranged, there will be music arrangement fees
  • Transportation costs
  • Any technical requirements such as PA systems or microphones

There are a few other factors which can affect the quote you receive. These include:

  • The kind of performance – will it be a concert or simply background music?
  • The time of year – if your event is during the peak season you could be expected to pay more. Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve and the month of December are especially popular.
  • The repertoire that you want to be played
  • The cost of travel to your venue

If you want to know how much can a wedding orchestra and entertainment cost, you can check out this wedding research.

The cost of private orchestra

What Type of Performance Would You Like?

An orchestra will always be a fabulous addition to your event. There are several ways in which an orchestra can add atmosphere to any occasion. Some of the most common requests for orchestral performances include:

  • A concert or headline performance – usually, the guests or audience will remain seated while the orchestra remains the focus
  • Background music – this will often take the form of show tunes or light classical pieces during a drinks reception or to accompany a meal.
  • Music for dancing or a ball – the orchestra supplies music to which guests can dance. This could be anything as diverse as pop covers or traditional waltzes.

Travel Costs

Some orchestras will only perform in their local area, while others are happy to travel to events all over the country, or even around the world. When pricing an orchestra for your event, you need to remember to figure the cost of travel into the quote. Depending on the size of the orchestra you choose, this may mean hiring a coach who can become costly. Smaller orchestras may, therefore, be a better choice since much of the travel can be done by car, saving you money.

When it comes to choosing an orchestra for your special occasion, this guide should help you to make the most informed decision. When you choose the Orchestranet Quartet, you can be confident that you will be enjoying an amazing performance and even more amazing value for money.

Choosing Your Music

Orchestras are very versatile. Even though they may have a fairly traditional image, they can actually offer an enormous range of music from musical theatre, film music and pop covers to old-fashioned classical. That means, whatever vibe you’re trying to create at your event an orchestra could be the perfect way to do it.

The majority of orchestras can draw from a large repertoire covering most requests, however, if you want more recent music to be played, you may need to pay additional costs. Bear in mind that film music is quite costly. If you have a particular request for a piece of music which cannot be easily hired, you can have the orchestra arrange the piece themselves although this comes at an additional cost.

Experience and Reputation

It goes without saying that if you want an orchestra for your event which has a good reputation and musicians with years of experience in the music industry, you will need to pay more. Some orchestras will be composed of talented music students while others are composed of working musicians at the peak of their career. You can expect to pay a higher fee for a professional orchestra, but you will be enjoying outstanding value for money thanks to the quality of music being provided.